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 Mystery of the MissingNo.

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PostSubject: Mystery of the MissingNo.   Mystery of the MissingNo. Icon_minitimeWed Jul 15, 2009 12:14 am

Story one of the Coexist Saga of the XD003 Trilogy

Mystery of the MissingNo
By: Andrew Schaapveld

The Island cut off from the rest of the Yitria Region, Migaron Island. The second largest Mountain range known to man in the Pokémon world, Mt Migaron; The Missing Cave – all of that could be found on this Mysterious Island located in the middle of nowhere. This island harbored the most dangerous of secrets in the world. After the eruption of Cinnabar Volcano, all life fled from the island… including one very rare species of Pokémon; The Glitch Lord Pokémon, #000, MissingNo. No human ever dared to travel to this Island. Rumor has it that any human who set foot on that island would never make it off again.

It is unfortunate to say, those rumors are true… or were at least, until one boy the age of 9 traveled to the island by himself. No one knows how he got there, or why he went there of all places. Alone, he traveled to the peak of Mt. Migaron. There, he encountered Ultima MissingNo. This MissingNo was the source of all MissingNo’s on the Island. While what happened during the battle is unknown, the aftermath can be easily guessed. The kid was easily defeated, but somehow, he returned to the Mainland which he came from. When people found him, he was lying on the sidewalks, his body was bruised, bloody, but when he came to his senses, he seemed perfectly fine. The strangest thing though is what was going on with his body when he was found. It seemed like an electrical current was surging throughout his body’s external skin. When he awoke, though, it stopped.

He was brought to the hospital just for a final checkup. The doctors released him to his mother, whom oddly hadn’t been as worried as a normal mother would have. The next day, his story hit the press like wildfire. Throughout the whole Yitria Region, his name was known. What happened to him now? He’s become an extraordinary trainer with amazing skill. But one can only wonder… where did he get that amazing talent from?

4 years later

“Here we are, finally… the final match of the Yitria Grand Championship Match” The boy said aloud to himself while looking at the stadium which towered in front of him. The young one looked down at his belt which holstered 6 Pokeballs. All of these Pokeballs containing this trainer’s Strongest of Pokémon. He was ready… ready to take on the world for the title as Greatest Pokémon Trainer ever.

His name was Andrew Lagatro. The child of the Migaron Incident four years ago.

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Mystery of the MissingNo.
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