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 Division by Netzero presents... Kaye's Milk

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Division by Netzero presents... Kaye's Milk Empty
PostSubject: Division by Netzero presents... Kaye's Milk   Division by Netzero presents... Kaye's Milk Icon_minitimeTue Jul 07, 2009 3:33 am

There was no original. This was made by the players of Multiplayer Notepad:

Division By Netzero presents.. Kaye's Milk.

For less than our Banangs Naman phones, you can buy sum Kaye's "special milk", straight from her beasts. Drink up me hearties yo-ho. *Shot* I cum shots of heroin from my ass, which Hollow King Attourney at law Dungeon-Master Sir Vastro Lorde Dr. Omega-Saiyan Shenron Monster Black Zombie Satanic Transforming Great-Ape Kirby Utahraptor Fiesta Vampire Timelord Khan Godhead Island Shrine Deku-Nut Jesus "Tails" Prower SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKEs on a plane MacIntosh, Ruler of Rulers and other measuring devices was lookin' at in bed fondly.

BTW: Kaye's Milk is now a meme.
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Division by Netzero presents... Kaye's Milk
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