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 Rise of Darkness - Another XD003 Legacy

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Rise of Darkness - Another XD003 Legacy Empty
PostSubject: Rise of Darkness - Another XD003 Legacy   Rise of Darkness - Another XD003 Legacy Icon_minitimeSun Apr 12, 2009 1:58 am

Rise of Darkness
Another XD003 Legacy

How many years has it been since that fateful day… It seems like only yesterday, but it was nearly 30 years ago. December 21st, 2012, a day that will always be remembered in history. The day that Earth was destroyed by the LHC, and when the true sole survivor of Earth brought the inhabitants of his Real World planet back to life. He was willing to give it all up to bring back humanity, but his father, the true God of everything, saw his compassion for the Human Race, and how much he was willing to sacrifice, that he brought back the whole human race with no strings attached. The kid was only 18 at the time, but he was more mature and gifted then any Adult of his time - That kid was me; Andrew Evan “XD003 Enigma Lagatro” Schaapveld.
I’ve lived for over 40 years now, I’ve seen what the new world I live on – The world I lived on in my Dreams which is now real to be exact - has to offer. Its perfect; An abundance of energy, Constant flowing water. We don’t even live in fear of Global Warming anymore. The Pokémon World, as it was originally called, serves all of our life purposes perfectly. We all live under the same sky, physically and metaphorically now. We don’t have problems such as war anymore, and any problems we do have are all just small scale things. There hasn’t been any Acts of Violence, and because the Death Penalty went nearly 15 years without use, it was outlawed in every corner of the world. It was all perfect, just like a dream, except this time it was real.
But just recently I learned something from the Time Traveler, Celebi, and the Titans of Space and Time, Dialga and Palkia. There’s another world – No, more specific; Another Dimension - with me, to be exact. Actually, there’s dozens, even hundreds. But as I was studying them, one came across my eye in peculiar. The Andrew of that realm is 15 – going on 16 in a few days – and I found that there’s a huge mass of darkness swelling up from within. I delved deeper into this, and now, I finally found out that the darkness came from this world; MY world. The darkness had swollen up and formed a new entity, beings of unparalleled darkness, in their world at least. I wanted to interfere with what was going on, but the Celestial Pokémon forbad me from it. They all said I should let the events play out the way they were meant to play out. I had no choice, no say in the matter. Even though I was right underneath the seat of Power, I was not allowed to meddle in the affairs of other worlds. I just sat back, helplessly, and watched… watched as the Ultimate Evil began to form before my very eyes.
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Rise of Darkness - Another XD003 Legacy
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