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 Story 4 of the XD003 Saga - A Legacy to the End

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Story 4 of the XD003 Saga - A Legacy to the End Empty
PostSubject: Story 4 of the XD003 Saga - A Legacy to the End   Story 4 of the XD003 Saga - A Legacy to the End Icon_minitimeMon Mar 09, 2009 2:01 am

A Rivalry of 1000 Years Past

Zirconial, the hugest continent on the planet; it had two cities, Troditiran and the continent’s capital city, Yitria. Far south were the 3 Islands of Mystery: Migaron Island, Catalya Island, and Enigma Island. But those islands play no part in this story. For this beginning, we focus on the middle of the Yitria and Troditiran pass in the year 1006, One-thousand years in the past…

The sky was grey, lightning could be heard, and it had been raining for nearly 20 minutes. The Continent had never experienced such a downpour like this before. Winds had been blowing at speeds not yet known. In a spot at the center of the Continent, two 13 year olds stood.

One was Andros Sectronic, son of Lady Aliana and Lord Arceus. He was about 5 foot 8, had long silvery hair that swayed in the raging wind. His eyes were as blue as the calm sea. And his body was shaped that of a physically fit teenager. Being the son of Lord Arceus, he was as far in royalty as you could go.

Then there was Enigma Lagatro. He was given the name DarkDude265 by his peers. No one knew just who his parents were, but it was assumed they were low class because of the way Enigma was. He was a bully at school, and a fighter in real life. He also was pure evil, and had intensions for taking over all of Zirconial, and soon after, the planet.

Andros stood there, his calm blue eyes replaced with a fiery red color of anger. He glared at Enigma. Enigma just stood there and gazed back at him, while smirking.

“This ends today.” Andros yelled out to Enigma. “I will stop you, even at the cost of my own life!”

Enigma stood there and laughed, then replied to him in an evil like tone “You really think you can kill me? I’d like to see you try” His smirked turned to an evil grin and he continued saying “Soon Andros, after I kill you, I shall take over all of Zirconial.”

Andros’s silver hair started to glow a dark shade of black. His anger grew to a height he’d never want to reach. He pulled out his sword, Kaltra Dialbus, and twirled it in his hand before gripping it tightly with his right hand.

“That’s where you’re wrong” he yelled, “I swear on my father’s name, Lord Arceus, I will kill you!”

Enigma glared at him, and pulled out his sword, Broken Chaos, and laughed a bit.

“Have it your way then, worthless piece of flesh.” Enigma snarled out in a dark tone.

It was only seconds – No, Milliseconds – before the first attack happened. Andros charged at Enigma, blind with rage and hatred, at an insanely fast speed. Not even a being with fast and perfect eyesight could see him move; it was like trying to watch a nuclear explosion from up close: You’d never see it happen because you’d be dead before you could see it. Yeah, that’s how fast he was moving. Unfortunately, it wasn’t fast enough to fool Enigma.

As Andros was about to attack, Enigma held his sword up in front of his body and colliding his sword with the one inbound for his face, causing Andros’ attack to come to a startling halt.

Andros spat on the ground and tried to push forward and break Enigma’s sword; but neither the sword, nor Enigma, would budge.

Enigma smirked darkly at his foe, and said in a low voice “Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in darkness… well you’ll soon find out… when you’re dead!” He barely used any force to push Andros back, but left a small crack in his sword, as well as a huge gash in Andros’s. “Tch, pathetic weapon. Get a real sword and not some kiddie one.” Enigma shouted out.

Andros was blown back at least five feet before he could regain movement, and while he was being forced back, his sword mended itself slowly. “It’ll take a lot more then some weak strike of a sword to bring me down.” Andros snarled out, as a large ball of blue aura energy began to form in his hands.

“Aura sphere!” he shouted loudly and knocked the immensely large ball of pure aura at Enigma.

Before having a second to think, Enigma blared out in a stern tone: “Shadow Void.” As it was about to collide, a large void of pure dark energy surrounded Enigma. When the Aura Sphere hit the void, it got sucked up into it, and the void thereafter vanished.

The storm on the continent grew stronger with each attack that was created by the two teenagers. A dark twister even began to envelop a part of the center, and cause a huge crater to form – Only a sign of what would be to come.

After their last barrage of attacks, the two of them were literally out of breath. Their clothes were even torn in places, exposing most of their body. [A/n: I’d LOVE if someone could draw a picture of this scene as fanart v.v I could try, but it’d suck]

At this moment in time, only one thought was crossing both of their minds: “He’s too strong…” They were evenly matched, and no attack could turn the tide of their battle… except one.

‘I can’t believe I have to resort to that attack…’ Andros thought, and Enigma finished the same thought in his head with ‘…But if I must use it to defeat this obstacle…’

“Then I will use it!” They both shouted at the same time.

Andros and Enigma both did a strange Hand Sign combo, repeatedly for a few seconds, as a large green energy aura wave (Black, in Enigma’s case) formed around their hands. When the aura was at its fullest power, they stopped, and glared at each other with the full intent to Kill or be killed.

Seronous Blast!” the both of them shouted, and their bodies exploded in a flurry of colors [Enigma’s being on dark colors, obviously]. Then a large Aura-Chain came out of both of their bodies and shot at a rapid speed to the other’s. As soon as it impacted, the chain spread out thinly into the blood stream and the nervous system, then slowly starting to take over the entire body... and in one second, exploded every cell, every organ, Everything in general, in their bodies.

The two teenagers collapsed to the ground with blood spilled all over the place. They were breathing, barely, only because the aura from the Seronous Blast didn’t diminish yet.

They were silent for a while, but Andros was the first to speak. “Heh… So, this is the end. At least I did what I came to do… But I have only 1 regret. Not being able to meet the 5th born of my father… I pray that I get reborn som…” And suddenly, Andros lied there dead.

Enigma had heard his speech, and was silent for a longer period before he finally spoke.

“…So death has finally befallen me. Humph… I caused my mayhem…” then his words began to slur, and he took his last breath.

The storm on the island got even worse. Deadlier, to be precise. The second those two died, violent streaks of Lightning began to impact the ground and cause immensely large flames which couldn’t even be silenced by the heaviest of rainfall. It was a sign – a sign of what was about to come next.


Back in Yitria Village, Lady Ailena Sectronic was pacing about impatiently for word on her son. But a terrible shake in the ground threw her pacing off. The security guard around her caught her before she fell completely.

“What the hell is happening!” she shouted loudly, but it sounded quiet over the storms booming thunder and heavy gusts of wind.

The leader of the security detail began to speak “My lady, we must evacuate the premises. It’s become too dangerous to stay in this unstable of environment now.”

Ailena spoke hesitantly “Y-Yes, call everyone back to the village, including my son, weather he’s alive or not.” The security leader nodded and sent the members off to fetch everyone else.

Ailena figured what to expect, and she was praying silently in her head ‘Oh Arceus, I hope you know what’s going on up there…’

Meanwhile, up atop the wastelands of the What-Would-Be Hall of Origin and Mt. Coronet, the lord of all Pokémon and everything alive, Arceus, was watching what was going on in the Zirconial Continent. If a normal human could hear him, it was sound as if he was practicing his Roar attack, but to any Pokémon around, they could hear that he was shouting in Anger and Pain for the loss that happened today.

“How could this happen!” The god Pokémon bellowed loud enough to make rocks fall from Spear Pillar and off of Mt. Coronet altogether. “My own son, how could he be killed like that… I lost him forever, and-” He was cut off when a loud flash appeared behind him, as well as the sound of a young child’s voice.

“Or is he, O’ great one.” The voice said in a relaxed voice. Arceus turned and fixated his gaze on the young human who stood behind him.

‘Impossible’ Arceus thought, ‘The stairway to my chambers hasn’t even been finished yet, and this human appeared here. Even more impossible; he can understand what I say, No human can do that, unless…’

“Who are you, child. And how did you get here?” The god asked in an inquisitive tone.

The unknown child spoke with a soft tone of relaxation in his words “My name isn’t important, and you’ll learn it soon over time. As for how I got here… I’m from the year 2012.” [A/n: I had to use 2012, I lawl that year *Shot*]

Arceus’ eyes shot open when he heard the term ‘2012’. “A time traveler… But only Celebi has that power, and she resides in Johto’s Ilex forest, and hasn’t moved yet. So how did you…?” Arceus asked confusedly.

The kid chuckled. “It’s true, Celebi is the only Time Traveling Pokémon, but I have her blood in my veins. It’s pretty much safe to say I have the genetic traits of every Pokémon to date. But that isn’t what I came here for. What I came to tell you is, there’s still time. Andros can be saved. You must infuse his spirit within the body of your 5th born child. They’ll both need it.” He explained. Arceus sat there, soaking this all in like a sponge. Then a portal opened behind the kid, and he walked into it saying “I must take my leave, for my objective is complete. Remember, the fate of the future rests in your actions.” He vanished into the portal, and soon the portal vanished as well.

If Arceus had a mouth, he’d be smirking. “It’s perfect, why didn’t I think of it before. “Thank you, mysterious person.” And without saying another word, Arceus teleported to Yitria Village, hoping he wasn’t too late to save his son’s life.

Back at the Checkpoint near Zirconial Center, the Security officers were waiting for the guards on duty there to come back with Andros. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as they hoped. They shook their heads in remorse, and carried him back to the village.

When they returned to the village, Lord Arceus was already there. He was in his Human form, and comforting Lady Ailena in his arms, which were still shaky. [You would think after having a few millenniums to practice being human, he’d get used to it by now] His bodily features had changed greatly; The ring that was normally situated around his body had moved to above his head, like a Halo, but retained it’s form and shape. He wore white, fur-like clothing, and his eyes were a metallic Blue-green. His height was at least 6 feet tall, which was approximately 4 feet shorter then his normal height of 10 foot. Ailena was crying into her lord’s chest repeatedly. It would seem she already heard the news of what happened. The security leader nodded and pointed at the ground near Lord Arceus and Lady Ailena. The security crew slowly rested Andros’s semi-mutilated body on the ground. While most of his body parts were blown off from the Seronous Blast attack, some parts remained in shape. But one thing that hadn’t changed was his face. It remained its normal shade of color, and didn’t become pale like most dead people. Arceus glanced at this and nodded, he knew what it meant – Andros’s spirit was still alive, and beating inside the cold and empty shell of a body.

As Arceus was about to speak, the land on which they stood began to shake violently again. Back at the Fight location, where Enigma had been lying dead for the past Hour now at least, the land began to split straight down the center.

The security detail began rushing about frantically, while Arceus remained still and calm. At the same time, be yelled out “Calm down, the land split wont reach this far.” With that authorative sound in his voice, everyone stopped running around and went back to the group.

The god began to speak again, but cleared his throat like only a god could be able to, and said “I discussed this with Ailena, it’s the only way to save Andros. I will detach his spirit from his body, and keep hold of it in a deep sleep. Then when the time is right, I’ll reattach him into the body of my 5th born child. It’s the only way to save him.” Everyone around him nodded, and they backed away from his body.

Arceus began to channel his powers and his ring began to glow all the shades of the Pokémon types. Within a few seconds, Andros’s body began to glow. Then beams of light shot out from his body in a beautiful array of colors of the Light Spectrum. The dead body opened it’s eyes and tilted it’s head to Arceus. The god glanced down at the lifeless face and stared at it without hint of faltering emotions.

“Father… I did it… I beat him, and saved Zirconial…” the shell of a body whispered only audible for Arceus to hear. The voice was as soothing as it was when it was alive. Calm and happy, like a young kid on a summer’s day.

Arceus nodded at his son and whispered his reply: “My boy… you did well. Now sleep, go into a long sleep. And keep your mom and I in your dreams…” The head of the body nodded and smiled weakly. “Have a good life in the future, my son…”

“Thank you, father…” the shell whispered his last words, before a strong blue orb of aura erupted from the body. It found its way into Arceus’s Ring, and the glowing stopped. The body then went back to its comatose dead state.

The lord rose back to his feet and nodded, saying softly “It is done. He will live again.” Everyone took a sigh of relief, and Ailena wrapped her arms tightly around Arceus. Her tears, this time, were of joy – joy that her only son would be safe.

When Arceus had finished his work on Andros, the massive earthquake had separated Yitria from Troditiran completely. They weren’t even in sight of each other anymore. That earthquake became what would later be known as The Great Earthquake. It continued to rain, but not as heavy as before – The rain now seemed like a drizzle compared to what was going on before.

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Story 4 of the XD003 Saga - A Legacy to the End Empty
PostSubject: Re: Story 4 of the XD003 Saga - A Legacy to the End   Story 4 of the XD003 Saga - A Legacy to the End Icon_minitimeMon Mar 09, 2009 2:01 am

-Post Continued because Intro was too Big-

Time passes, and the truth becomes a story passed down from Generation to Generation of how Yitria came to be its own Island. No records have any information of its sister island, either, nor are there any stories that explain what happened to Troditiran.

Then, something special happened nearly 990 years later…

The date was April 15th, 1993. It was raining outside, much like it always did it South Port City of the Yitria Region. But today was a special day. Today was the birth of Lord Arceus’s 5th child.

“Congratulations Miss, it’s a boy.” Said a doctor happily to the new mother lying in the bed after spending a grueling few hours in Labor. Her name was Amy Lagatro, a descendant of Enigma Lagatro’s family.

She held her arms out weakly and said in a soft, weak voice “Let me hold him… let me hold my son…” The doctor slowly handed her the newborn infant. She stared into the Dark brown eyes of her son, and rocked him in her arms.

“I shall call him Andrew, and as for the nickname for his father’s side, XD003.” Amy smiled. “Andrew Evan XD003 Lagatro… I’m sure your father would love that name” she poked her son’s nose softly and he giggled like only a baby could, and reached for his mothers finger.

Meanwhile, in the fully finished Hall of Origin, stood Arceus in his Pokémon form, and a beautiful lady that looked no older then 20, but was actually over 900 years old. The two of them smiled at each other as they watched Amy Lagatro and the newborn Andrew through a Psychic Bond that was established when Amy became impregnated with her son.

At the same time, Andros slept peacefully inside Andrew, unknowingly to anyone but Amy Lagatro, Arceus, and Andros’s mom Ailena, whom has survived all these years.

Indeed, it was a new beginning for Andros, but also a beginning for Andrew… But everything has an equal and opposite reaction, and for every light, there must be a dark…

In an island far, far away from Yitria, a boy was also born this day. A child… of pure darkness.

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Story 4 of the XD003 Saga - A Legacy to the End
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