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 Red Dawn

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PostSubject: Red Dawn   Red Dawn Icon_minitimeFri Jan 30, 2009 3:22 am

Red Dawn

Have you ever wondered about your life, if it’s ever really true? Or how about your family, are they lying to you about your life. Well, I’ve had something like that, except different. I’ve had dreams – no, feelings that this time, nay, this world, never should have existed. It’s really odd, but I’ve had dreams of a war, very different then the one we had just a few years back between Europe and the Soviet Union. This war was between the United States and Germany, and Germany is supposed to be our ally in this “Real world”. It seems so unknown to me, but so real, unlike the last war, which felt so… fake. In my dream, there was so much pain, death, torture. I don’t know why I feel this way but perhaps Professor Einstein will know something about this. He is after all one of the best scientific minds alive, so he should be able to figure this out.

Either way, I still wonder, was that war really meant to happen…

I remember one last scene, two planes crashing into the Historic and famous World Trade Centers on September 11th, on a year I can’t quite recall. But before I could see what happened next, from out of nowhere, I heard a loud shout in my ear.

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Male Number of posts : 48
Age : 27
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Registration date : 2008-06-21

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PostSubject: Re: Red Dawn   Red Dawn Icon_minitimeFri Jan 30, 2009 3:30 am

Red Dawn
Chapter 1
The calm before the march

“Mr. Sectronic! I won’t repeat myself again, Wake up!” The voice yelled again.

“Ugh…” I pulled my head off the desk, which was covered in my slobber, and looked around at the class while half-awake. “Ah crap, I didn’t fall asleep again, did I?” I asked groggily with a crooked smile on my face. The class laughed silently; with or at me I wasn’t to sure at the time, so I just laughed nervously and stared at the person towering in front of me.

“Mr. Sectronic, that’s the third time this week you’ve fallen asleep in my class, and it’s only Tuesday.” The teacher informed me, as if I didn’t know that already. He was a tall male with dark blond hair and almost always had a stern look on his face, and don’t get me started when he is pissed. His name is Jacob Kain, but everyone in the class calls him Mr. K (Sometimes people like to call him Mr. Jk for kicks and laughs).

“Maybe you shouldn’t be up all night playing video games Mr. Sectronic” Mr. K suggested in a stern tone of voice to me.

At the moment all I wanted to do was say ‘Shut up’, but I put a large smirk on my face and replied, “Well, Mr. K, with all due respect, and I’m sure I speak for everyone here when I say this, but, your class is so boring it’d put the dead into a coma.” The class began laughing louder at my remark.

Mr. K was annoyed now. I could tell by the look on his face, and how he phrased what he said next. “Heh, Out there the world may call you a War Hero, one who defended the European borders from Russian invasion, but in here you are MY student, and you will do as I say. Do I make myself clear, Commander Andros Sectronic!?”

I shook my head and stood without saying a word, looking him dead in the eyes. I was taller then him, even though I was only nineteen years of age. The whole room was dead quiet as Mr. K and I were in a stare off match, like in those old western movies, until…

SIR YES SIR!” I shouted in my best army voice and saluted him. The whole classroom erupted into monstrous laughter that could be heard throughout the halls, some kids even fell from their seats in laughter. I bowed once and sat back down in my seat while smirking victoriously at Mr. K.

The defeated teacher grunted and yelled “Get back to work, all of you, NOW!” The class shut up and silently resumed working, as Mr. K stormed back to the Blackboard, huffing angrily.

While I watched the teacher write the notes for the lesson down, my desk neighbor tapped my shoulder and said “Damn Andros, you sure do know how to make a dull day bright. I’ve never seen Mr. JK that pissed.” I turned to the person who said it, and it was my best friend Krail Rigatro. He had bright green emerald hair and was a paleish colored person. Krail was also 18, but for his size, people could mistake him easily for a Lower-school person. The most striking feature about him was the 4 medals he always had hanging around his neck – army medals. Back in the last war in Europe I met Krail as a High-Ranked general, even higher then myself. He had even helped me Co-Ordinate the final assault on Moscow to draw Joseph Stalin out. By the end of the war, we were both promoted to Top-Ranking Commanders of the Allied Forces, and the youngest alive.

“Heh, what can I say. I’m just good like that.” I whispered to him.

“Nah man,” he said and continued after making a brief pause “We’re good like that” The grin on his face made me laugh a bit and I nodded in agreement.

The classroom phone started ringing, and MR. K answered it. He did so, and all he said was “mhm”, “Yes”, and “Yeah, I understand”, then finally “Ok, I’ll send him. Goodbye” He hung up the phone and directed his glare at me with a hall pass sliding from his sleeve. I had a nervous look on my face and stared at him. He threw the pass at me and said “The office wishes to have you up there for a bit, Mr. Sectronic.” I caught the pass with two fingers and stood up, silently walking to the door. Before I left, I turned to the class and with my best overall voice, said “I’ll be back” then left the room quickly. As I left and shut the door, I heard a crash against the door; it was Mr. K attempting to throw an eraser at me. Then I heard the classroom echoing in laughter.

My school is pretty big, 3 floors and over 1000 rooms, but I knew where everything was, so my trip was easy. While walking to the office, I saw kids lingering in the halls. Sighing softly, I walked by them and shook my head, and continued to the office.

I arrived at the office a few minutes later and sat on the chair near the reception desk, waiting for the person talking to the desk receptionist to move away so I could speak. While I waited, I took notice of the person at the desk. She – Yes, a female – stood there with her long brown hair swaying in the air from the nearby fan, and a large black and blue worn-down hoodie slung unto her shoulders. Her height was about 5’5”-5’8”, so I assumed that she was around 15 or 16. When the administrative assistant spoke to the girl, she didn’t reply back in words; just nods and head shakes. I was wondering if she was a mute, or if she was just really shy about being here, since I don’t ever recall her being at this school before.

As I was about to stand up to get a drink of water, the assistant pointed at. “That’s the student who’ll escort you to your new class.” The desk attendant informed her. The girl turned to me, and looked me dead in the eyes. Since I couldn’t avert my gaze to anywhere else due to me being a Stare-Back-In-Eyes person, I noticed that her eyes were a sea blue color, with a soft shade of grey hidden behind them. I figured that’s why I was needed at the office, so I stood up and bowed their way. Upon raising my head, I noticed that her face looked pale, and her lips were bone-dry and stiff. Probably from not talking a lot I guessed. When examined closer, her hair wasn’t just brown; it had shades of Red and Black in the front. I then noticed another thing behind her eyes, a mystery; Sort of like a mysterious treasure buried in the deep calm sea.

The desk attendant whispered something to the girl. Whatever she said, it made the girl walk next to me, and cling to my arm silently. I was sort of confused and embarrassed by this and laughed, as I walked (Dragged) her to our homeroom class.

Seeing as how she had my classes – all of them, ironically – She must of been 18, which I found odd for someone of her size, as most of the 18 year olds here are as tall as skyscrapers… well, not skyscrapers, but you get the idea. Those kids I saw in the hallways earlier had vanished, so I figured they got busted and given ISS (In School Suspension).

Then we arrived; Room 1217A. I took a deep breath and flung the door open, as the entire room, including Mr. K, jumped up in shock. Directly following that, in a good falsetto voice, I said “Honey, I’m home~” and walked into the classroom with the girl still attached to my arm. The class once again erupted in monstrous laughter. I walked to the center of the room and bowed repeatedly: “Thank you, Thank you. I’ll be here all day.” Mr. K face-palmed and did a hand motion to signal the girl over. She unclung from my arm and walked over to the teacher, while I sat back down in my seat next to Krail and waited for Mr. K to introduce the girl.

“Class, as you can see, we have a new student joining us. Meet Elizabeth. Due to reasons stated by her family, we cannot bring her last name to light of class.” The class waved to her, some saying hello. The girl, Elizabeth, stood there and waved shyly. I could tell she was nervous by the look on her face. So, being the kind person I am, I decided to try and help her get situated here. But before I even got a chance to speak, Mr. K spoke again: “Elizabeth, your seat will be next to the smartest kid in the class, who also is, unfortunately, the class clown. Andros Sectronic” He pointed at me and asked “Any objections, either of you?” She shook her head.

I know Mr. K all too well, even if we DID have any objections, he wouldn’t care. At any rate, I stood up and said “If I may, it would be an honor to sit next to the most beautiful girl in this class – Nay, even when I was on the battlefield in the last war I’ve never seen a more radiant girl then her. And on the behalf of all of us, and the esteemed Mr. Jacob Kain, welcome to our class.” The entire classroom roared in applause due to my speech, while Elizabeth stood there smiling. Even though she hid it well from everyone else, I could barely see it; she was lightly blushing a light shade of pink. She walked over to her seat, and sat down silently.

“Ahem,” Started Mr. K, “Let’s resume the lesson.” He walked back to the board and began writing a math problem on it.

…Then it happened…

We didn’t start hearing the noises till about 30 minutes later, but when we did, we rushed to the window. Blimps, large ones, were flying overhead nearby. On their hull was a menacing painted-on facial grin that would scare even a grown man. Para-dropping out of the blimps and nearby Cargo Planes were people and large tanks. Mr. K quickly turned the TV on to see what was happening. Every station on our TV box was all the same picture; A blank Blue screen. Then in a flash, President Dugan came on-air and gave a speech. What we paid attention to, however, was the large blue bar at the bottom reading this sentence. “Soviet Invasion Confirmed; U.S. Invaded. Take shelter now.” The whole school went into a dire panic, while Krail and I were on High Alert.

We heard a loud sound nearby; a tank cannon blasting down the school’s doors. Everyone in the class, and we can only assume the whole school, slid into a hiding spot and stayed there silently. Elizabeth scurried over into a corner hidden from everything, including me. She must have been the one who was scared most. Since Krail and I were on the Allied Army to this very day, we were granted permission to carry a small handgun to school, just incase of emergency.
The school shook once more. Another tank cannon blasted nearby. Then we heard a gunshot inside the school, and glass shatter nearby. Then it went dead silent. Nothing could be heard at all except for the noises outside. After a few minutes, the classroom door swooshed open swiftly, and in barged one of the people I saw dropping from the blimp. He wore a red cloak and had Shoulder armor, as well as a PPSH41 submachine gun. What I took notice to right away was the Hammer and Sickle emblem on his outfit – The Soviet logo; He was a Soviet Conscript, the weakest infantry type in the Soviet Arsenal. He began shouting in a Russian accent, making his words hard to understand, even if they were in English. He picked up his machinegun and fired it at the window, shattering it into pieces. Glass flew all over the place, and in shock, one of the students in our class banged their heads on the table.

‘Well, there goes our surprise attack’ I thought to myself, as Krail and I stood quickly, with our weaponry in hand.

“Freeze!” Krail yelled and took aim at the Conscript. The solider turned to us and shouted again. He took aim at us now, and prepared to fire, as we did the same.

Then suddenly, a shot was fired in the classroom…
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Red Dawn
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