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 (Superjail!) Screw in Your Head (18+)

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(Superjail!) Screw in Your Head (18+) Empty
PostSubject: (Superjail!) Screw in Your Head (18+)   (Superjail!) Screw in Your Head (18+) Icon_minitimeMon Dec 08, 2008 3:30 pm

Warning: this story will completely redefine the word "mindfuck".


"Hello, Jared."

The first thing Jared saw when he turned around was nothing but a gap-toothed smile. The Warden materialized around it moments later.

"Please don't do that, Sir," Jared asked once he could breathe. "It gives me a heart attack."

"Hm," the Warden breathed in reply, as if he wasn't paying attention.

Jared waited for something else to be said, but the Warden just stood there... staring... his gaze lazily sliding over the little man...

Jared shrunk down in his seat, feeling just like a lamb being stared down by the wolf. "S-Sir, is there something you came here for?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact." The Warden began to pet his hair, leaning over to pant in his ear. As those heavy, lusty breaths gave way to licking, Jared felt all the blood rush to his crotch. Was he dreaming? Was the Warden really gonna...?

"Sirrrrrrr..." he moaned, tugging his erection free of his pants. Dream or not, he wanted this. He'd wanted it for such a long time.

The Warden shoved him onto his desk, knocking the computer and all the stacks to the floor. Jared turned onto his stomach eagerly, begging to be taken.

"Goodness," the Warden purred, "you really want this. I thought you'd fight it."

"Why would I, Sir?" Jared asked dreamily.

The Warden's Cheshire Cat smile showed an evil glint. "Because of which hole I'm going to do you in."

He jabbed his finger into Jared's ear.

Then came the struggling the Warden had expected. "Sir, you can't!"

"Of course I can. Watch me." He let his pants slip down just enough to let his organ out.

"But my brain is in there!"

"I know that, Jared."

"I'll die!"

The Warden chuckled lightly at that as he took a bottle of lubricant out of his hat. "Maybe you might." He clutched Jared's hair to keep him still, flicked the cap off the bottle, and shoved the tip in his ear. As the lube filled his ear canal, Jared felt his hearing cut out on one side.

"Sir, please!" he begged, wrenching out of the Warden's grip. "Anything but this! J-just let me suck you off instead!"

The Warden pinned him in a way that nearly snapped his neck. "Get your filthy mouth away from my dick," he growled. "I'm taking you in the ear and that's that."

Jared screamed as the Warden's staff decimated his eardrum like a hymen. As blood poured copiously out around it, it pushed all the way to the spinal cord, the tip just short of paralyzing Jared for the rest of his life.

"Ooh, that's tight."

Tears streamed down Jared's face, flooding with each thrust. "Sir, stop it! Please! I can't- ekab tur re- gah-" There went his ability to speak.

Poor Jared kept on with helpless tongue clicking as the Warden got rougher with his humping. He started to swell as he got close, and Jared's vision began to blur, alongside a loss of feeling in his hand.

And just when this was about to permanently cripple the unfortunate little man, the Warden winced as if in pain, and then-


He came so much and so hard that semen leaked out of Jared's other ear and around his eyes; and then, mercifully, it was all over.

Taking a tissue out from his hat, he pulled out and wiped the red and pink off himself. "Now was that really so bad?" he asked, gently cleaning the gore out of Jared's ear.

The little man bit his lip and said nothing.

"So, you can't speak anymore; but you can still understand me?"

Jared nodded sadly.

"See? Not as bad as you thought. You can just relearn how to speak."

Jared watched him go, still weeping profusely. Just before he left, the Warden turned around in the doorway. "You're asking me why I did it."

Jared made a little clicking noise in affirmation.

The Warden smiled, and left the way he came in: by disappearing. "I did say I could make sweet, sweet love to your big, bald head, didn't I?" his smile asked before vanishing.


Waking up the next day, Jared had hoped it was all just a terrible dream. But no such luck; he couldn't speak, and his hearing was gone on one side.

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(Superjail!) Screw in Your Head (18+)
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