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 Logistalis (Flat Earth Dimension)

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PostSubject: Logistalis (Flat Earth Dimension)   Logistalis (Flat Earth Dimension) Icon_minitimeFri Nov 28, 2008 8:28 pm

Chapter One: Deity

Linus Plata was feeling quite agitated. He was standing in the middle of a field during the night, shouting to the heavens above.

"Yal, if you're so good and omnipresent as the Yalahs make you out to be, then why have you allowed Yalaha to curse the lives of Humanity?!"

He collasped down, not expecting a reply. There was never a reply before.

"...Because you're looking in the completely wrong place."

The shock from what he just heard, what appeared to be a godly voice, woke him up. He was back in the hot and stuffy jail cell somewhere in the tallest tower in Humanity, Yalinteras, in the capital city of Yalaha, Yaltas. Again and again he thought that these Yalahs should stop using their god's name so much.

"You're awake!" a female voice said.

He quickly sat up, surprised. He saw, sitting on the chair next to his bed, an female angel wearing quite white clothing, orthodox to angels native to the mountainous nation of Ralinilae.

"...Who are you?" Linus asked.

"Alialin Nalins. You?" she replied.

"Linus Plata." he answered.

"We better hurry, it's soon time for their inquisition. We're busting out." Alialin said.

"Ah... how?" he said after looking around. He couldn't figure out how she got in... unless by teleportation.

"I used this Nalsialas teleporter to get in. But since it used my energy for the day, you have to use it. Just think of the outside through the window and press the button." she replied as she held onto his left hand and handed him the device.

He began to press the button when he realized that teleporting out in front of the windows would be suicide, if the angel truly had little energy. It had steel bars put in place to prevent people from jumping out to avoid whatever bad fate should befall them in Yalinteras, like torture. He'd probably have chosen that option sooner or later if it weren't for these bars, since they were really high up.

"...Just do it!" she said.

They teleported, right in front of the cell window, and with ground 7,000 talins below them. They fell for about 2 seconds before they were caught the middle of a yellowish bubble. A guy with quite blonde, and almost spiky hair flew up next to them.

"Hello, Linus Plata. I am Travis Nalatov." he said.

Alialin looked at Linus, who looked quite tense and a bit panicked. She chuckled a bit.

"Shut up... and how do you know my name?" he asked.

"Same way I know you wished they didn't install the steel bars so you could jump out to your death, meet Yal in heaven, and try to slay him or something so good is restored to Humanity again." Travis replied.

"What..." Linus muttered.

"Also the same way I know you used to 'correct' what your parents would say to your little brother about Yal when you lived in Kalan." he added.

"Stop being mean to him, Travis!" Alialin said, laughing.

"In other words, I am a Psychic. And I believe we have enough people noticing us in the middle of the sky next to the tower now." he finally said.

"No way." Linus said quietly, amazed.

Bullets soon began flying towards them, and Travis started flying away, also levitating Linus and Alialin with him.

Many people in Yaltas started chanting, "Niyalis, litras! Niyalis, litras! Niyalis, litras!" Larger projectiles attempted to shoot them out of the air.

"Well, screw you people too!" Travis yelled.

"Don't you see this is getting quite bad?" Linus said. "How can you be moving so slowly?"

"Because..." Travis replied, waiting for a projectile to hit them. One did, and cast an apparent smoky sphere across them. "...we have a shield."

But then seven soldiers flew up and surrounded them. Travis' shield soon began wobbling violently, then it broke.

"What the fucking hell?!" Travis exclaimed.

The captain of the group spoke up. "We are the Queen's Magic Corps for the Servitude of Yal."

"Idiot!" Linus said, looking at Travis.

"Do you want to learn the truth of Yal, or will you suffer death?"

"Neither!" Travis replied.

"The Lord will curse you..." the captain said, and all seven shot fire out of their hands at the group of three.

Travis quickly shielded Linus and Alialin, but then passed out as he used all his energy to fight against the anti-shielding the Magic Corps were using. They fell but then they suddenly got teleported.

"What niyal is this?!" the captain exclaimed.

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Logistalis (Flat Earth Dimension)
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