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 Flat Earth Dimension Trumps

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PostSubject: Flat Earth Dimension Trumps   Flat Earth Dimension Trumps Icon_minitimeThu Nov 20, 2008 1:49 am

I was bored, so I decided to make a bunch of "trump cards" with 4 races, androids, a religious people, and people from a country. There are no rules, and I'm too sleepy at the moment to think up any.


Flat Earth Dimension Trumps

Yalah (Mortal)
Age: They've been around over 5,000 years, and fought in the Kamarilis War, which ended near the end of 0 K. 6/10
Intelligence: Depends on where the person comes from. 5/10
Strength: A lot of them are backed by the whole Yalahan country- err, I mean military. And that crazy bitch of a queen. 8/10
Wealth: Ironically, the economy of Yalaha... developing. It's not easy being in the middle of a vast desert. 3/10
Population: Not only are they in Yalaha and Megumi, they're also spreading to many other nations. A quite common religion. 8/10
Easily offended: If they're Yalahan, and you say too much bad stuff about Yal, Yaliasus, the monarch of Yalaha, Yalaha, or pretty much anything about their religion, and you might just be put on the national wanted list for Yalaha. 8/10

Age: They were evolved 500 years ago. 2/10
Intelligence: Because of the energy acquired due to their psychic abilities and perhaps other mutations, they keep getting smarter and smarter until a bit more than halfway near the end of their lifespan, 475 years. 10/10
Strength: A Psychic can do a lot of similar stuff to the Saiyans on Dragonball Z. Some can even do much better than them! 10/10
Wealth: They're generally very successful. 8/10
Population: When trying to reproduce with a mortal female, the embryo often dies due to radiation. And those guys over at Psychoaltus don't really care about populating the world with their race. 1/10
Easily offended: They'll more likely regard you dumb if you insult them, due to them being much more rational. But if you kill one of their family, you can QUITE feel the anger in the air. 5/10

Age: Quite unknown, but thought to be around for a very long time. 8/10
Intelligence: They got rich cultures, and generations of knowledge. So, surely they would have quite developed the ability to learn well. 7/10
Strength: They have wings, and are getting a bit far into the science of psychokinesis. 7/10
Wealth: Quite good. They also trade a lot with Nalsialans, various city-states in Kakailia, and other countries. 9/10
Population: Although their population is less than a fraction of the total population in Humanity, there's still huge civilizations of them in various places. 3/10
Easily offended: Their culture has learned that being calmer in reaction to offensive causes is much better. 2/10

Kakailian (Mortal)
Age: Ever since the earilest humans evolved then migrated to Kakailia, in which they struggled against the barren lands. 9/10
Intelligence: They needed to have intelligence to live in Kakailia. They got it. And now they're building giant city-states with many skywalks everywhere. 6/10
Strength: The native Kakailians are quite rigid from living in a barren land for many, many generations, but they're still mortals. 4/10
Wealth: The Kakailian economy is extremely good, regardless of its semi-anarchism, due to its quickly-growing technology. 10/10
Population: While they got huge, HUGE city-states and an extremely good economy, a lot of people still have the mentality that reproduction is expensive. 4/10
Easily offended: Depends on the person. 5/10

Age: Archaeologists believe they were evolved a while after people migrated to Kakailia. 8/10
Intelligence: They're like mortals in this way: it varies a lot. 5/10
Strength: Almost all 10-year old children can actually almost easily give an adult a serious injury to the head with their powerful legs. 7/10
Wealth: Most of the countries populated by them are more like third-world countries. 2/10
Population: They're in many countries, and villages near Humanity's Edge. 9/10
Easily offended: ...It would be a quite bad idea to offend one of them, since a man might just lose more than their ability to breed if they got kicked in the balls by one of them. Besides, a lot of them are that primitive. 10/10

Age: They were invented about a decade ago. 0/10
Intelligence: Since computers are smarter than humans in some ways, and they're human-like computers designed to learn like humans, then they'd be quite smarter. 8/10
Strength: Psychitech is currently being developed for them, and they can already do some things Psychics can. 8/10
Wealth: A lot of them are currently slaves to humans, so not really. 1/10
Population: Their population is smaller than that of Psychics! 0/10
Easily offended: They can get offended, but they won't get violent about it. 1/10

Nilenpas (Hybrid/Morph)
Age: People don't know where they came from, but it's often thought that Yal created them. 3/10
Intelligence: They're like mortals in this way: it varies a lot. 5/10
Strength: Since they have non-human animal traits, they're often stronger than mortals. 7/10
Wealth: There's a lot of racism against them, so they don't fare as well. 2/10
Population: They're quite scattered all over Humanity. 3/10
Easily offended: They've grown somewhat numb to insults, and live with more compassionate people. 4/10

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Flat Earth Dimension Trumps
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