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 The Legendary (Placebo2009 in the FUTURE)

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The Legendary (Placebo2009 in the FUTURE) Empty
PostSubject: The Legendary (Placebo2009 in the FUTURE)   The Legendary (Placebo2009 in the FUTURE) Icon_minitimeThu Nov 20, 2008 1:20 am

So yeah. For those of you who like dystopias and whatnot.

The Legendary is set in the future of the "Gammapedia land", formally known as the state of Aaag. It's a totalitarian state run by "Regulators", who are officers who make sure the rest of the citizens do their fair share. This is about one hero (or non-hero) and his struggle to regain his lost humanity.

Last chapter: Chapter 1, Nov. 20
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The Legendary (Placebo2009 in the FUTURE)
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