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 Living in Humanity's Edge (Flat Earth Dimension)

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Living in Humanity's Edge (Flat Earth Dimension) Empty
PostSubject: Living in Humanity's Edge (Flat Earth Dimension)   Living in Humanity's Edge (Flat Earth Dimension) Icon_minitimeThu Nov 13, 2008 11:33 pm

Ah, how strangely beautiful lands are, left almost entirely undisturbed by humans. I do often feel sorry for entering it, but I have promised to not corrupt it as others often corrupted their lands in which they based their civilization on.

Obviously, I'm not starting a civilization, since I intended to escape from it. (Except, would having children cause you to eventually start a civilization...?)

I made my flight for it, being quite sure I'd never see any other human but myself while living in the Edge. I HAD to, just because I saw civilization most cruelly stone to death an innocent person which I knew well, only because a few others decided to ruin their life. There was no denying it to myself, I had to. Since my mentality had transformed into finding it quite justified, I left my homeland and country Amamarlas, planning to never see it again.

Though, I was wrong about never seeing anybody else. I crossed many countries on my way, accepting free things from those who pitied me, and paying the gold I stole from the Amamarlan government to those who demanded it. Let me tell you, these nations are quite diverse... and it's nice to see them diverse. Regardless, I continued my trip. It's known that lands near the Edge of Humanity often have primitive civilizations, and that's quite true.

They're quite diverse enough to be quite unorthodox. Those, whose opinions are old, passed on all the way back to those who wanted to control using religion, would indeed find them quite perverted and perhaps even inhuman. But they just grew differently. Why is that so bad? I even like some of them much, much better than Amamarlas' culture.

Well... the companion came as a surprise. I finally arrived on a supercontinent, probably filled with some small civilizations wide apart. The climate was odd, never so hot, but never so cold either. The ubiquitous tall, yellow grasses were feathery, not very irritating if bare feet and legs should travel through it much. There was apparently a civilization around that didn't really believe in the importance of clothing... haven't ever seen it, so I don't know. See, while hunting for animals with the only weapons I had, a knife and my great speed, a trait to Amamarlans, I found a female looking about the same age as me, completely naked, standing there in the vast plains.

She didn't blush or anything once she first saw me, instead, she ran over to me with a smile, and looked at me, my clothing, and the objects I brought with me. They certainly looked strange and new to her, especially as she said something in a strange language I didn't understand, let alone ever hear of.

And yet, she insisted in tagging along with me. Being as cynical as I was about humankind, I did wish she'd leave me alone. ...Eventually, though, we got along quite well. She actually could run faster and longer than me, a trait I could see evolved, because it is extremely useful to run faster than animals in a plains enviornment, because you got scarce resources, scarce obstacles to corner the animal into. Indeed, we do love each other now.

Do I mind living in the "middle of nowhere"? No. I only wrote this message so you'd stop thinking I somehow died. I found Amamarlas filled with quite insane people. Why could I stay there when my... parents agreed with the government, even some of my friends agreed with it? I did think it over some, it was a huge decision in which it might seem like I overreacted too much. But hey... I'm happy here. I might be crazy to you, but to me and many other people in the vastness that is Humanity, it was a good decision for a mind to make. Completely against your ideals, sure, but you aren't right. You haven't found the absolute truth. Nor have I, nor have anyone else. But I'm quite happy with what may or may not be my truth.

- Nilus


For anyone who doesn't really understand what Nilus is talking about:
Nilus lives in a fictional universe I call Flat Earth Dimension. It's infinitely huge, and has infinite lands and seas. Humans evolved somewhere on it, and their civilizations continue to expand across more and more land on Flat Earth Dimension. Since they expanded MUCH farther, there are many, many nations, and they're quite diverse.

A lot of people in Flat Earth Dimension call the land humans live build civilizations in "Humanity", and past that, nothing but plants and non-human animals for a while. Then aliens if you go REALLY far away. Humanity is about 5-Planet Earth-circumferences in diameter.

And "Humanity's Edge" is the land around Humanity, that remains unexplored, the frontier of humankind.

It also has scientific reasons for the way things are as they are in Flat Earth Dimension: evolution, completely different and quite unrelated cultures, etc.

Flat Earth Dimension is just an idea by me that I'm pretty fascinated with... because I like science fiction dealing with social things.

And indeed... Nilus is pretty damned cynical about his species.

Living in Humanity's Edge (Flat Earth Dimension) Fmsanctity2ml4
Living in Humanity's Edge (Flat Earth Dimension) 1345uq0
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Living in Humanity's Edge (Flat Earth Dimension)
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