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 Twenty-two Fifty-two

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PostSubject: Twenty-two Fifty-two   Twenty-two Fifty-two Icon_minitimeFri Nov 07, 2008 12:02 am

I was bored, so I decided to write something to test my writing ability, where every line are the exact same length. And I put it in monospace so you can see that fact.

In the year 2252, there is the planet Earth.
Technology has thus advanced amazingly much.
Reality and the complex insides of computers
have been welded together almost completely.
An odd result: fiction is no longer fiction.
A chaotic mix of much more facts and events,
causes the human brain to be quite satisfied
that dreams are extremely rare for a person.
Why should some brain dream to amuse itself,
if almost everything conceivable by humanity
exists in the new universe created by fusing
the mind, the Internet, and others together?
Humanity has also become chaotic and diverse
too, with the new ideas that end simplicity,
making one less interested in the orthodoxy.
It is easier for one to find the ideas, thus
easier for them to make changes in opinions.
Life is more interesting with more pastimes,
but what happens to the last reality? Nobody
truly knows anymore if their physical bodies
still exist, if Earth has been much changed,
or if their mind is in a different universe.
It looks to them as an anarchic, huge world,
often escapable from greed for power using a
power found somewhere in the world, but only
the dubiously mysterious "Cyber Force" knows
the real state of humanity, if they exist...

Oh, and I used ctrl+f to find out... never cheated by using multiple spaces in a row.

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Twenty-two Fifty-two
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