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 (WarioWare, Inc.) The Inc. Ends With Him

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PostSubject: (WarioWare, Inc.) The Inc. Ends With Him   (WarioWare, Inc.) The Inc. Ends With Him Icon_minitimeWed Oct 22, 2008 6:25 pm

Mona flicked through the TV channels with increasing disgust. Nothing on but the news, and even that wasn't entertaining. Political news: just a pair of gorillas screeching at each other. Financial news: a trio of orangutans screeching at each other. The View: a bunch of monkeys of all shapes and sizes - you guessed it - screeching at each other. She turned the set off, and instantly became aware that all the eyes in the room were on her.

There was a reason for it. Wario had gotten into bad trouble, and now Mona and Jimmy T. were in charge of WarioWare, Inc. Wario had worked things out so that the Inc. would never be left without a leader unless all its members were gone. There was a huge flaw in his plan that rendered it useless, but amazingly, no one had realized it until Wario was actually gone.

Mona got up. Everyone paid attention to her and what she was doing the way they hadn't done to Wario when they all took him for granted. They were desperate for a steady voice to lead them through these troubled times and keep the company afloat.

She didn't want to be that voice.

"Where ya goin', boss?" Dribble asked her as she put on her driving helmet and fur coat.

"Out," she said simply, making for the door. "Jimmy's in charge."

"Mona, c' mon," the disco dude begged. "I don't wanna be the go-to guy here."

"Neither do I."


Mona rode her moped through the city as if riding would solve all her problems, but nothing was further from the truth. All it did was bring up memories of Wario, and the many drives and street races and tickets they'd shared.

The whole city held memories. She remembered when she and her parents found their way to this city, and when they had first heard of Wario. It had only been five of the sixteen years of her life that they'd lived in this city, but it felt like she'd been here since she was born.

She remembered meeting Wario for the first time, and being introduced to the rest of his friends, people she'd never have met otherwise, all long before Wario even had the idea to start WarioWare, Inc. Every landmark, be it Club Sugar or the Arcade or the Gelateria, held a memory of those times that felt like they'd only happened yesterday.

Amazing how such happy memories can turn into sad mementos so easily.


"Hey, boss!" Young Cricket called out. "Dick Dastardly's at the door and he thinks WarioWare, Inc. is his!"

"I'm not Dick Dastardly!" the person at the door yelled.

"Okay, some guy who looks like Dick Dastardly."

Jimmy came to the door reluctantly. If this was who he thought it was, dealing with him would not be easy.

Sure enough, it was Waluigi at the door. "I heard the news about Wario," he explained, putting on a veneer of pleasantness. "Such a shame. He was a good businessman."

"Cut the pleasantries," Jimmy replied calmly. "We know why you're really here."

Waluigi raised his hands as if at gunpoint. "Okay, fine. You caught me. But I'm Wario's brother, after all. Surely, as his closest living relative, it makes sense that I should carry on his company."

"You already have your own company. Wario already said a long time ago who the Inc. goes to if he's gone. You're just here for his money."

"Nothing could be further from the truth! I want the fame! Look," he pleaded, "you don't know what it's like being a bigger understudy than the Eternal Understudy. I'm sick of living in the shadows! I want recognition! Waluigi Industries doesn't give me that!"

"'In the event that I can't be there to run WarioWare, Inc., I leave it to my loyal workers to keep it going.'" With that, Jimmy closed the door on him, locking it.

Waluigi pounded on the door. "I don't care what he said! I'm his next-of-kin! It oughta be mine! Mine, I say!"

"Well, that went a bit easier than I thought it would," Jimmy breathed in relief, ignoring the pounding until it stopped. "That guy is just like Wario," he mused, "except Wario would've muscled his way in."

The statement hung heavy in the air. The impromptu visitor had indeed reminded everyone of Wario, and of how much they missed him. Even though there were people in charge, it seemed that there was still something missing from the Inc. - something vital that the company could not hold together without.


Mona returned from her long drive. "Jimmy," she started gravely, "we have a tough decision to make as the leaders of WarioWare, Inc. I don't want to talk about it in front of the rest of the crew, so let's discuss it outside."

Jimmy stepped out with a pretty good idea of what was on her mind.

They stepped out of earshot. If you went to the window, you could see them but not hear what they were saying. But it was moot. The rest of the Inc. also had an inkling of what they were deciding on.

It rent their hearts, but it was for the best. Wario was the keystone that held them all together. Without him, they really had nothing to do with each other. WarioWare, Inc. was nothing without Wario.

The plan that Wario had made clearly showed that he wanted the company to go on. But what was the point? It had seemed to them all that the Inc. was a group effort, that Wario had little much to do with the whole thing, and the loss of one member wouldn't handicap the whole company, but looks were deceiving.

So none of them were surprised when their two leaders came back in and said: "We're pulling the plug on WarioWare, Inc."

"I know it may seem like we're just giving up because we can't handle the pressure..." Mona started to explain.

"No, no," 9-Volt interrupted. "We all know it's for the best. There's no WarioWare, Inc. without Wario."

Mona sighed in relief. "Good, then I don't have to make any excuse. C' mon, let's get out of Wario's house and board it up. Don't take anything."

"Uhh, wouldn't dream of it," Orbulon said in the corner, putting a music box back from where he'd taken it.

Jimmy opened the door, but he didn't go out. He stared outside as if outside had turned into one of Salvador Dali's paintings. He even took off his sunglasses momentarily.

"Oh, now come on," Wario complained. "I haven't lost that much weight."

"Wario!" the Inc.'s crew screamed happily. They swarmed out of the house and surrounded him, alternatively hugging him and talking about how they thought he was gone forever and they were going to shut down the Inc.

"What? What?!" he replied incredulously. "People, I was only in jail for a day! They even had the wrong guy!"

"Nobody ever told us you were in jail!" Mona spat, equally astounded. "We all thought you were dead! Why didn't you call?!"

"I only got one call and I needed a lawyer." His brow furrowed. "Wait, why did you think I was dead anyway?"

"All anyone heard," Jimmy replied, "was that you were in an accident."

Wario laughed boisterously. "And that meant I was dead? Overreacting, much?"

"What were we supposed to think?" Mona asked.

"Anything but that. Anyway, it was just a five-car accident. Nobody got hurt, and all the blame fell on me. But it was somebody else's fault, so they let me go, and now I'm here hearing about how my crew was gonna quit on the company. Mind explaining that? Over good coffee, of course. Jail mud is disgusting."

"Not much to explain, really," Jimmy told him as the group reentered Wario's house. "We just found out that the Inc. ends with you."

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(WarioWare, Inc.) The Inc. Ends With Him
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