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 (EarthBound) Your First Time Really Does Change Everything (18+)

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(EarthBound) Your First Time Really Does Change Everything (18+) Empty
PostSubject: (EarthBound) Your First Time Really Does Change Everything (18+)   (EarthBound) Your First Time Really Does Change Everything (18+) Icon_minitimeSun Oct 05, 2008 3:38 pm

This was my very first (true) attempt at porno. When I wrote it, I thought it sucked. Then my friends told me otherwise. You would not have such favorites as #69 if not for this humble dipping of my toe into those waters. I hope you enjoy.


It was another perfect day in Onett. Beautiful houses with matching, neatly-trimmed lawns were perfectly aligned. The sun was bright, and there were no clouds in the sky. The air was clean, the fire hydrants were shiny, and everything was calm and peaceful.

But, to a certain resident of this quaint town, a boy named Ness, now aged sixteen, it was boring as hell.

He found there was literally nothing to do. He'd completed all his video games, it was the weekend, so there was no school, nothing important was happening, and for some reason, no one wanted to play baseball with him.

He could pick a friendly fight with Paula, but he knew he'd lose.

He could pick a fight with Poo, but he'd still lose.

He could fight with Jeff, but that wouldn't be far from picking on him for no valid reason.

He was about to complain, when just then, his sister, Tracy, came pedaling by in her Escargo Express uniform. All he could think of then was how he bet being a delivery person is never boring.

She fell off her bike. He noticed that she was covered in scratches. "Are you okay, Tracy?" he asked her.

"Oh, I'm rarely okay," she replied, getting on her feet and brushing herself off. "Bramble bushes, rabid dogs, rabid cops, spontaneous road blocks... Not to mention I have to carry six tubes of antibiotic cream at all times, and, since I'm a girl, take mandatory self-defense classes. I almost hate this job enough to quit."

"So, why don't you, then?"

"Because... I never feel as alive as I do when I'm working."

"Must be... nice."

"Actually, sometimes I want to feel dead for once. Um... Oh, right. Paula wanted me to give this to you." She pulled a folded piece of paper out of her pocket and gave it to him.

When he opened it, something fell out. He read the slip first: "If you want it as bad as I do, swing by Pole Star." He bent down to pick up the thing, which was a condom packet. "Oh, lordy."

Tracy shrugged. "Well, if you're gonna go, don't let the threat of sibling blackmail stop you. I'm too busy to do that if I wanted to." She got back on her bike. "Good, erm, luck," she said as she sped off.

Ness pondered this. Certainly, it would make him feel alive, but he hadn't before thought of doing it, even with Paula, strangely enough. What's more, he didn't feel ready.

He pocketed the condom, but only set off for Twoson to tell her he didn't want it just yet.


He became nervous as he entered Pole Star. What if she wouldn't take no for an answer? He knew that she could force him to take her. And, she would expect him to want her if he showed up. But, he was already there, and, after all, however it turned out, it was better than nothing.

He was greeted not by Paula, but by complete chaos. Paula's parents tried desperately to restore order, to no avail.

"Francesca! Get those crayons out of your nose!" Paula's dad barked. "Jimmy! Stop eating that paste! Paula, please get down here and help us! Wha? Oh, hi, Ness. This... is a really bad time to visit. Can you come back later?"

"Actually, I'm here to see Paula," Ness replied.

"Oh... Okay. She's upstairs in her room. While you're up there, please tell her it's a war zone down here. Literal - NO, TOMMY! Don't stick that fork in there, whatever you do!"

Ness dashed upstairs. Apparently, it seemed, he was the only one having a boring day. And what's more, it was then a good thing.

He knocked on her bedroom door.

"Who is it?" came her reply.

"It's Ness."

"Oooh. Hee hee. Just a minute.

...The door's unlocked."

"Okay, Ness," he whispered to himself as he turned the handle. "Just let her down easy, no matter what she d-daaaaaaaa-"

"Well, hello, big boy," she murmured in a sexy voice. She stood in the open doorway of her closet, wearing only a very tight see-through nightgown... In short, almost nothing.

Ness could only stammer, "bu-wobba-ah-ahhhh-da-wha-guh-daaaah-I-Ah! H-how'd you get over here from way over th-mmph! Mmmmm..." She took him in a french kiss, and he felt as if he could melt into a fleshy puddle right there, and didn't notice her locking the door. He returned the kiss, holding her close to him, and she threw him onto the bed.

He regained the ability to speak. "But Paula, I'm not ready for this..."

"Then why'd you come here, you silly boy?" she asked as she yanked his shorts down. "Besides, certain parts of you say otherwise. Now, where is that condom..."

"Ahhhh... Paula, I-"

"Here it is!" She tore the packet open and pulled open the condom. She reached under his shirt with one hand to fondle his chest while slipping the rubbery sheath over his stiff epidermal gland.

"Paulaaaaa..." he moaned. He couldn't fight it now, even if he wanted to.

His shirt soon found itself on the floor. She leaned on him, stroking the fleshy nubs on his chest so slowly as if to torture. "Ooh, you're hard all over. Do you love it when I rub your nipples, my Ness?" she purred.

"Aaaaahhhhh - Ohhhhhhh..."

"I'll take that... as a yes." By then, she was on top of him, licking his face and rubbing the entrance to her soaked vegetable oil against him. "T-take me, my sweet honey! Take my purity from me!" she ordered him, as aroused as he was.

He rolled so he was on top of her and thrust into her, slipping inside easily because she was so wet. He lost himself for a bit, and ravished her as if it was the last time he'd feel this way. He worried about hurting her, but he didn't even come close.

She held him tightly to her, taking him in another kiss, which cascaded into the two licking each other lovingly.

"Oh, Ness... Oh, my Ness... Harder. Harder!"

"Ahh... I'm taking you as hard as I can!"

"Well, that's not hard enough!"

She tightened around him, and he bit her neck. "Ah!" she cried out in pain, scratching his back. In response, he bit her harder, cluched her breast and tore into her roughly.

"Ah! Ah, yes! Ravage me! Tear me open like a feral animal! Ah!"

But, he didn't want to hurt her. He held himself up and pulled out of her. For a moment she lay still, breathing heavily and blushing a deep red. She then looked into his eyes, and began to stroke him. "Ness..." she breathed softly. "Don't stop. I'm so close..."

He stroked her back. "First, I want to hear that you love me."

"I love you with all my heart, Ness."

He kissed her gently. "I love you too." He rubbed up against her.

"Ah... D-don't tease me, Ness..."

He smirked playfully. "Oh, don't tease you like you did to me?" He fondled her breasts and barely slipped back inside her.

"Ness... N-ness..."

He licked her. "Do you love this, my Paula?"

"Mmmmm... Ahhhhh..."

"Hee hee," he chuckled. "I'll take that... as a yes." He fell onto her and took her again, thrusting as if to a beat only he could hear.

"Ah... Ah! Ness, I... I'm gonna..."

"Oh-ohhhhh... Oh, I... me too!"

The two held onto each other as they came.

They rested for a short while, then Paula got up to get dressed. Ness wanted to stay where he was and go to sleep, but that would be suspicious to her parents. He forced himself to get up and put his shirt on.

Paula sighed blissfully. "Ah, Ness, we should do this again."


"In an hour. Maybe less."

Ness straightened in shock. "W-whaaaat?"

"You did like it, didn't you?"

"Ah - O-of course! It-it was the best thing I've ever felt!"

"If you're worried about the condoms, there's no need." And with that, she pulled open a drawer to show him five twenty-five count boxfuls of them.

"Guh! B-but Paula, so soon? I mean, once per day is enough, I think!"

She pocketed one of the condoms. "Oh, really now? Certain parts of you say otherwise."

He looked down to see his epidermal gland erect. "Ah! Y-you little traitor!" He pushed it into his shorts.

Paula opened the door and dragged him out and down the steps. Ness felt the urge to pull away, but didn't.

Downstairs, peace had been restored. "Hey, dad," Paula called to her father, "Ness and I are going out for lunch, if that's okay."

Her dad seemed to still be out of it from the earlier chaos. "Hmm? Oh, sure, sweetie. Have fun."

She glanced slyly at Ness. "Oh, we will."

Inside, Ness was panicking as she dragged him out of Pole Star. Everything was going too fast. Soon, he worried, she'd be talking about getting married and moving into a new house.

But wait. Instead, she skipped to the one thing that he knew would be The Worst Thing To Ever Happen: "You know, at some point, we'll have kids of our own."

"AAAARRGH!" Ness screamed, yearning for the day to be boring again.

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(EarthBound) Your First Time Really Does Change Everything (18+)
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