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 (Pokémon Emerald) Greta's Headache

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(Pokémon Emerald) Greta's Headache Empty
PostSubject: (Pokémon Emerald) Greta's Headache   (Pokémon Emerald) Greta's Headache Icon_minitimeSun Oct 05, 2008 3:27 pm

Wrote this'un when I had a headache. Also, so you know, Emery is my trainer in Pokémon Emerald.


A common event occured at the Battle Frontier: the Arena Tycoon had a bad headache. She complained about it to her fellow Frontier Brains, Emery, and Scott, all of whom didn't bother to feign interest. They'd all had headaches before, and this didn't seem important. None of them knew this headache would mean Scott would have to find a new Brain for the Battle Arena.

Greta decided to take Anabel's advice about taking it easy and locked up the Arena. Ignoring the crowd of trainers complaining outside the door, she made her way to her quarters and lay down. But three hours passed and her headache didn't get better. Actually, she felt worse.

She resorted to taking a few pills of aspirin from the bottle she got for New Year's, no longer feeling cheated. After fifteen minutes she took five; after ten, six. This continued for a while, the time between doses decreasing and the number of pills increasing. She didn't notice how many she was taking.

An hour afterwards, her headache was still there. She looked into the bottle to see how many pills were left, and dropped it in shock. When she'd started taking them, the bottle was full. Now there were only five left.

She immediately reached for the phone on her end table, but there was no dial tone. Unfortunately for her, the phone lines for the entire Frontier were totaled yesterday during her Electivire PowerHouse's training session.

She bolted into the basement and tore through the book collection, looking for a medical book that could tell how to keep herself alive long enough for a Flying-type Pokémon to carry her to a hospital on the mainland. By the time she found it, it was too late; she collapsed with the book in her hands.


Greta's spirit crouched down next to her body, muttering angrily. Giradina soon arrived to take her to the afterlife.

"Calm yourself," Giradina told her. "It may bother you to have died this way, but it cannot be helped."

"I'm not upset because I died!" Greta yelled. "I'm upset because my stupid headache is still here!"

Moral of this story: Headaches suck. And try not to take aspirin.

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(Pokémon Emerald) Greta's Headache
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