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 (Code Lyoko) What a Twist (Sorta 18+)

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(Code Lyoko) What a Twist (Sorta 18+) Empty
PostSubject: (Code Lyoko) What a Twist (Sorta 18+)   (Code Lyoko) What a Twist (Sorta 18+) Icon_minitimeTue Sep 09, 2008 8:14 pm

Warning: This story has vore, a.k.a., being eaten. The violent kind, not the snake kind.


A small soirée was going on at the factory. There was no special occasion other than the kids congratulating themselves for all the hard work they do. It was nothing fancy; just a few (dozen) sodas and elation all around.

"Another day, another deactivated tower, another reason to drink soda 'till we explode," Odd said as he opened his tenth soda. "What's not to love about life right now?"

Jeremy stood up. "My friends, I propose a toast. Here's to, ah... Anyone know how many towers we've deactivated? I've lost track."

"I was keeping track for awhile," Aelita said, "but then I stopped caring."

"All right... Then give me an estimate. How's a thousand sound?"

"That sounds reasonable."

"Right. Here's to a thousand deactivated towers!"

"I'd drink to that," Ulrich chimed in.

The sodas were promptly chugged. "Oh, look, the cans are empty," Aelita observed. "We can't have that, now can we?"

"I'll get the next bunch," Yumi said as she got up. She took the last five sodas out of the mini-fridge and took the liberty of opening them and strawing them. Unbeknownst to the others, she also casually slipped something into Ulrich's soda. "Last rounds, guys," she said as she passed the sodas around.

"Ah, it's just as well," Odd said. "If we stay up any longer, we'll sleep through breakfast, and none of us want to miss the waffles."

"Feh!" Ulrich interjected. "I still say pancakes kick waffle ass any old day of the week."

"Whatever you say... Waffles."

The conversation then degenerated into a debate over whether waffles or pancakes were the better syrup-absorbing breakfast food, which continued until the sodas were polished off.

Yumi charged herself with the task of cleaning up the cans strewn across the floor. "Well, you guys get going... Ulrich and I will catch up," she said ominously.

"Okey-dokey," Odd said as he, Jeremy and Aelita entered the elevator. "Oh, wait." He went to tell Yumi: "Tell Ulrich I said 'Waffles'."

"I'll do that," she chuckled. When the others had left and the cans were picked up, she glanced at the table. Ulrich was lying peacefully across the table, although he wasn't sleeping. A small smile showed itself on Yumi's mouth. She picked him up and carried him out of the factory.

Ulrich was perfectly aware he was being toted to a secluded area in the forest. He was also unusually calm. Not one part of him worried about why Yumi drugged him or what she intended to do to him. In fact, deep in him he was hoping this would go... a certain way.

She laid him out in the middle of a clearing. After making sure they were alone, she lay down next to him, gently stroking his hair.

"Tell me you love me, Ulrich," she whispered sweetly.

"I-I love you," he whispered back, almost surprised he could speak. It was a bit of a dream come true for him, a moment he'd always wished for.

Little did poor Ulrich know it was about to become a nightmare.

She held his head back slightly and slowly licked his neck. "I... want you in me, you know."

She heard him gasp slightly, and held herself up. He was blushing. She blushed a bit herself. "And you want to be, don't you?" She stripped his torso and lightly massaged his neck.

"I want you in me, yes..." she said, leaning over to kiss him, "...but not the way you want to be."

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(Code Lyoko) What a Twist (Sorta 18+) Empty
PostSubject: Re: (Code Lyoko) What a Twist (Sorta 18+)   (Code Lyoko) What a Twist (Sorta 18+) Icon_minitimeMon Sep 29, 2008 6:55 pm

Wow, nice. You're a great writer.
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(Code Lyoko) What a Twist (Sorta 18+)
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