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 Library Rules

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PostSubject: Library Rules   Library Rules Icon_minitimeThu Jul 10, 2008 11:52 am

Because stories and such are different from normal posts of the forums, they get their own unique rule exceptions and additions.

Rule 1: Mature content that would normally be restricted in standard posts is loosened in stories, poems, and other posted literature. Normal posts or extraneous comments in literature posts still must abide to forum rules. However, literature that is commonly not appropriate for certain ages should be marked as such in the topic or above a spoiler box.

Rule 2: Any criticism for stories is to be constructive and without flaming. It should neatly point out whatever you think is wrong without insulting the author. Praise is fine as long as it isn't spammy.

Rules may be changed as necessary to accommodate the authors and these forums.
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Library Rules
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