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 (WarioWare, Inc.) Sour Dreams, or The Super Happy Fun Sci-Fi Dream Rape Time Hour (18+, Obviously.)

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PostSubject: (WarioWare, Inc.) Sour Dreams, or The Super Happy Fun Sci-Fi Dream Rape Time Hour (18+, Obviously.)   Tue Jul 22, 2008 7:05 pm

I figure it's not too early to post the various reasons why I'm the Queen.

Warnings: This story contains rape. It also contains incest. So... don't like, don't read?


She couldn't sleep.

She rolled over. She rolled the other way.

She went to the bathroom. She went again.

She got a cup of water. She got another cup of water.

And she did various other "can't-sleep" things twice in a row like an obsessive-compulsive.

But she still couldn't sleep.

Meanwhile, in the bed next to hers, her grandfather snored away like one of those logging mills next to your house that operate at all hours of the night and you wish the noise would frigging stop so you could get some goddamn sleep for once-- Although he wasn't why she couldn't sleep. She'd gotten used to the noise after a few months. I guess time is all it takes.

As she laid in bed staring at the ceiling, she heard him start to mumble in his sleep. Y' know, the sort of coherent mumbling that your dorm buddy starts to say in the middle of the night and you think he's talking to you so you talk back, and it takes about ten minutes before you realize he's sleeping. Anyway, it went something like this.

"...No, I won't. I can't. ...Dammit, it's too dangerous... Think of the moral implications, sir..."

She smiled to herself. Grandpa always had the most interesting dreams to discuss over breakfast. They were like something out of a B-list Sci-Fi flick, only without the corniness, if that's even possible. She hoped this one would be as great as "Six-Armed Flesh-Eating Moon-Roos" was.

He went on. "No respectable person would ever- A Nobel Prize, you say? For that? Well... No, I shouldn't even consider it! Not everyone has their price, sir. I will not become a common- You'll give me how much to fund our research? Well... I suppose she'll understand... But what knowledge do you hope to gain from this? What do you mean, you'll tell me after I do it? This reeks of a college dare. I won't do it unless you tell me- ...That's a lotta money."

She rolled over and went back to trying to sleep. No sense in spoiling the ending, after all.

The springs of his mattress creaked, and so did the floorboards. She was nearly out of it, so she didn't bother to see what was up.

But she should have. Because he pulled her right out of bed by the hair and threw her onto the ground.

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(WarioWare, Inc.) Sour Dreams, or The Super Happy Fun Sci-Fi Dream Rape Time Hour (18+, Obviously.)
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