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 Flat Earth Dimension (Variant 3)

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PostSubject: Flat Earth Dimension (Variant 3)   Fri Jul 11, 2008 10:34 pm

I wonder if I'd ever be unlazy enough to continue it for a very long time.

~Chapter Zero: Infinity

The Universe is infinitely digital.

People benefit from data storage. They took a nullverse and used its infinity to store data. Because it was infinite, they could store as much data as they liked.

Force a person with elevated enviornmental-manipulating powers (aka a psychic) into that nullverse, and their psychic self-defense will immediately transform it into another universe suitable for life, having adapted to the data-storing technology.

All evidence of the infinite data storage project was destroyed.
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PostSubject: Re: Flat Earth Dimension (Variant 3)   Fri Jul 11, 2008 10:35 pm

~Chapter One: Awakening

In the highly technologious city of Hyperalia, Kakailia in the year 3801 AK, there was slight panic.

"The Yottabyte Project suddenly exploded, but reassembled. Many people surrounding the building during that event disappeared without a trace. Some of their relatives might have disappeared too." could be heard on the news from a nearby TV.

"Yal is angered at us for becoming so powerful!" someone exclaimed.

A guy came inside the tavern where this was all happening.

"Want some Unknownfruit Wine to knock yourself out before we all die?" the barman asked.

"...Unknownfruit?" the guy asked.

"Bah, loads of newbies coming from nowhere, along with the Yottabyte Project french fry up and becoming alive. I don't see why we can't just use our own hard drives." the barman muttered.

"Eh... no thanks." the guy replied.

"Everybody is recluant to approach the Yottabyte Project to find out what's going on." the TV nearby said.

"Say, you know anything about that?" the guy asked.

"A mad scientist project to fit tons of computer space into one place. It sucked everyone up, and is still sucking people up." the barman said.

"God... this place I appeared in after dying is weird." the guy muttered.

"Hey, careful what words you say. The only god people around here believe in is Yal, and even then, a lot don't even believe in any god." the barman replied.

The guy talking to the barman is Will Door, an average 17-year-old male experiencing a nextlife in Flat Earth Dimension.

"Well, I guess I'll go to Project Yottabyte and find out what's going on. Can't be too weird than ending up in a car accident and the next second, waking up in a field in the middle of nowhere." Will said.

"That's the stuff they always say..." the barman said.

"Wait, you got any food?" Will asked.

"It's a tavern, no. The closest thing we got to food is the Blue Enab." the barman said, handing him a bottle filled with blue stuff.

"Enab? Bane?" Will asked.

"Whatever." the barman replied.

Will looked at the blue stuff, feeling disgusted by it. It was pure blue, you couldn't see through it, but it looked very alien. He then downed it quickly, and quickly felt hyper. He dashed out of the tavern, jumped off the many skywalks blocking his way, and ran towards the dark-grayish tower that was the Yottabyte Project.

He stood in front of the doorway to the internals of the giant hard drive, looking up at the tower.

Far away people monitoring the Yottabyte Project were freaked out by how recklessly he approached it.

He then entered it, but in the middle of the tower, he fainted right after he heard, "I want to have a body..."

Many, many terabytes of information was extracted from his mind as he was an active pop-culture and anime watcher from the world he had his last life in.
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PostSubject: Re: Flat Earth Dimension (Variant 3)   Fri Jul 11, 2008 10:35 pm

~Chapter Two: Memory

Will woke up on a giant sphere of high elevation. "That's contradictory, Dakota, to put in these voices, should I... assume." he heard as he got up.

The man saying that turned to him, turned back to the other man named Dakota, and raised a finger in front of his lips.

"Here I go, dying yeeeeeet again and waking up in a much, much weird looking world." Will muttered as he looked around at the colorful mess of a background distant from a random sphere he was on.

"It's old news that this place sucks." the unknown-named man said. "We've been here for a few months."

"Eh? But I thought the Yottabyte Project disaster occured a few days ago." Will replied.

"That proves my theory that time slows down in this place." Dakota said.

"It seems to be targeting quite a lot of 'newbies', people who apparently randomly appeared in the middle of Kakailia and know nothing about its culture. Oh, and I'm Adams Bronze." the man said.

"I guess I'm one of those newbies. I ran into the Yottabyte Project to find out what was going on, but then I fainted." Will replied.

"Wow. If it's a different case than ours..." Adams said. "Say, you know anything about UNIX systems?"

"UNIX? I heard so much about them in the world before I ever died. They were everywhere, and had been around for a few decades." Will said.

"You have not died a second time. The first time, nothing to know about it, nothing to say." Adams said.

"Well, in 3748 AK, an UNIX computer crashed into someone's house in a Kakailian village, scientists came over and reverse-engineered it. It spawned the digital era, Project Internet, and hentai fetishism." Dakota said.

"H-hentai?!" Will exclaimed, laughing.

"Yeah, whoever owned that computer appeared to be a huge perv and had gigabytes of hentai, and generic anime videos. But hey, we humans like pornography too. ...Though there was a huge struggle over whether to release that hentai." Adams replied.

The place suddenly transformed and they were in a room with a lot of people in lab coats.

"It's amazing, not only the computer has a plethora of information of the other world, it appears that it's inhabited by humans... and has thousands of gigabytes of drawn pornography called 'hentai'." a scientist said.

"Get rid of these 'hentai', then!" the leading scientist said.

"Sorry, but I think we should release these files to the public." the first scientist said.

"The hell? It'd be indecent of us!" the leading scientist replied.

"We have the power to add many ideas to the world, and people must have access to all of the data on the hard drive. I don't want the people, who like pornography, which there are a lot of them, looking down at us for censoring it." the first scientist aruged.

"Screw them! These people are immoral, anyway, and they must be gotten rid of, as Yal considers them hell scum!" the leading scientist said.

The first scientist punched the leading scientist, other scientists caught wind of it, and it turned out to be a huge, violent argument.

A guy came inside, paid the watching clerk for a copy of the UNIX computer's hard drive, then went out.

"What the hell? You were selling hard drive duplicates?" the leading scientist said.

"Sure, we were planning it for some time." a scientist said.

"You... you are all fired!" the leading scientist said, in which they then pushed him off the tower that they were doing their research. Kakailia had no justice systems at that time, and even then, the justice systems today don't even have that much power due to the country still being anarchist. And only a few, outnumbered people turned on them for that murder, as most didn't really like what an extremist he was and how he attempted to censor the findings.

Then after that was done, the enviornment transformed into a village with a few ancient Japanese buildings.

"Looks like a place from one of the anime I watch..." Will said.

"Okay, Project Yottabyte is just weird for what it just did twice." Adams said.

"I don't know, I like this place." Will replied as he walked around, looking at the village that appeared to be empty.

Adams quickly said, "Hey, stop, we're still on a sp-"

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" but Will fell through the ground. Adams then facepalmed, having yet another person fall off the sphere on him.

"We should go after him. He seems to be a quite special case indeed." Dakota said.

"There's no telling what's at the bottom. We can at least think again about how to escape from this place." Adams replied.

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PostSubject: Re: Flat Earth Dimension (Variant 3)   Fri Jul 11, 2008 10:36 pm

~Chapter Three: Fiction

Will slammed into the ground, or a ground, in the Yottabyte Project. "What a weird sensation, slamming into the ground from many thousands of feet above without pain..." he muttered as he got up into what seemed to be a completely purple place, except for the people around him.

"Hey, enjoy your fall?" a 16-year-old female with quite red hair said, helping him up.

What Will saw was a lot of humans with more diverse features.

"Hello." a heterochromatic girl said behind him.

"Uh, hi." Will said. "I'm new to this world, and well, the world I was from only really had mildly red hair, brown, blond, black, white for old people... And they had blue, brown, green eye colors, but they weren't different in each eye."

The red-haired girl chuckled, and said, "The human race is becoming more interesting. You're here because Yal wishes to know your ideas to make the human part of the world much better."

Suddenly, the place had black cracks forming through the air, and everything became dark.

Outside the Yottabyte Project, the giant hard drive itself exploded for good, and the pieces flew really, really far away.
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Male Number of posts : 138
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PostSubject: Re: Flat Earth Dimension (Variant 3)   Fri Jul 11, 2008 10:37 pm

~Chapter Four: Occurance

The year is 3938 AK. Yalaha, the country that claims to be the holiest in the world, declared war on Kakailia to take over its anarchist space in 3809 AK, but they failed. However, they succeeded in destroying a lot of technological progress in the 27-year war. It wasn't until seventy-five years later, someone restarted Project Internet with a huge ambition: to give Internet to all human and humanoid countries.

Close to the end of the 27-year war, in 3833, the bottom part of Yalaha, which was green compared to most of Yalaha's terrority, which was desert land, revolted against the Yalahan goverment, seceded and created a new country called Megumi, named after the woman who first disliked the ways of Yalaha. Megumi assisted Kakailia in the war against Yalaha, which helped Kakailia remain anarchist.

Will Door's location is distant from the continent where Kakailia, Yalaha, and Megumi are, Malsialas Continent. He's on Psychoaltus, a very tall socialist tower community where a new human subspecies, the Psychics, is growing, having evolved from mortals. Their ability is to easily manipulate energy with their minds, and because of that, they have the ability to do a lot more things much easier than normal humans.

"We can't determine whether he's a mortal or psychic because he's radiating a magnetic field." a psychic said to the person in charge of the small hospital while Will was lying in a bed, unconsious.

"Ugh..." Will groaned as he got up. He felt extremely hungry, and he saw a fried chicken leg. It floated over to him, and he proceeded to eat it. A few seconds he realized what he just did.

"Welcome to Psychoaltus, the tower where you control with your mind!" the psychic doctor said. "This nation is better than all else, because we're all the same here! Oh, and we got mortal sex slaves."

Will's groggy mind took a few seconds to process what the doctor just told him.

"...What the french fry?" Will said. He jumped up, and dashed out.

"After him! Nobody can ever stop being a citizen of Psychoaltus!" the psychic in charge exclaimed.

Will found field surrounding the tiny nation of Psychoaltus, and jumped off the 21-floor platform of the tower, flying towards freedom.

But he slammed into a force field and fell down, landing onto the ground part of the tower, suffering a lot of pain, but it wasn't fatal due to his heightened abilities. He jumped up painfully, looked up at the doctors who jumped off after him, pointed a finger at them due to a random urge, and a beam of energy came out of it and blew a doctor's head off. "...Oh wow." he muttered as he dashed away.

Soon a lot of psychics began chasing him and shooting energy at him, but he appeared to be more powerful than they were. Thus, he wondered something, put his hands together, forced energy into a ball, and said, "Ka... me... h-" but it didn't work exactly the way he thought, and blasted sooner than predicted, causing a hole in the force field in front of him to open, because he didn't have time to turn around and shoot the beam at them. Thus, he dashed out of the force field right before it closed, where the other psychics were unable to continue chasing him without permission.

He flew quickly for a few hours until he arrived into a country called Kalan, at a village next to an ocean shore. A lot of mortals who saw him dashed into their houses in fear of him. In reaction to that, he stopped using energy so to look like a mortal. He approached a building, knocked on it, waited a few minutes before someone finally opened it and asked, "W-what do you want?"

"To go back to Kakailia. It exists, right?" Will asked.

"It exists, north of here over the sea! Just... I thought you psychics were supposed to be passive in taking over the land." the person replied.

"I'm not one of those Psychoaltus kooks. In fact, I escaped from there." Will retorted.

"A friendly psychic, eh?" the person said.

"Yeah. I mean, I was a mortal, so I want to live among mortals." Will said. "Oh, you got any food?"

"That's impossible for a mortal to turn into a psychic... Whatever, I'll give you some food." the person replied.

After Will got even more chicken legs, he said, "Thanks!" and flew over the sea towards Megumi.
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PostSubject: Re: Flat Earth Dimension (Variant 3)   

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Flat Earth Dimension (Variant 3)
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